Professional Video Transfers

Transfer Prices Start at $15 A Tape

Say Goodbye To Old Shoe Boxes.

Digitize your old videos and enjoy them for generations to come.

Whether it’s VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 or 8mm, we’re experts at preserving and protecting your important family memories. We’ll convert those cherished memories to custom designed movies. We can provide you with easy-to-use discs or digital media files using state of the art technology.We provide full video editing and enhancement services that make your old memories new, and your new memories fun to share and enjoy.




At FILM TO DVD, we are pleased to offer the high quality equipment and expertise needed to transfer your videos, converting them to DVD or most any professional or consumer format. Whether it be your corporate video or treasured home movies.

Digital Video Formats Offered:

We transfer video tapes to DVD, hard drives or convert them to YouTube or web-ready formats ranging from Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash and a variety of codecs.

Audio Transfer Services:

We also convert all types of audio cassette direct to CD or MP3 and other digital formats.

FILM TO DVD is your one stop shop for all your conversion of obsolete media formats. Our process is quite simple. We take your out-of-date media formats and transfer them into usable, modern formats so you can continue to enjoy them on your current media players.

VHS, VHS-C, 8mm & Hi8 Tape, Digital 8, and Audio Cassette.


We can convert your U.S. videos to PAL DVDs (Europe TV format) for overseas family & friends.


Why convert your VHS Tapes to DVDs?

  • DVDs last longer than VHS tapes.
  • DVDs video quality won’t degrade over time.
  • DVDs weigh less and are easier to mail.
  • DVDs can last over 100 years if handled properly.
  • DVDs don’t have to be rewound.
  • DVDs are smaller than VHS tapes and easier to store.
  • DVDs won’t damage, break, or stretch like VHS tapes.
  • DVDs won’t accidentally erase like VHS tapes.
  • DVD’s have Chapters that go directly to a special event or moment without waiting to fast-forward.